Baby Shower Color Schemes Guide

Baby Shower Color Schemes GuideIn this post we are going to talk about and cover color schemes! This is a very important aspect of a baby shower.

Its one of the first decisions we have to make when planning a baby shower because our color palette will dictate the tone and feel of our party’s environment!

Let us not forget that the color scheme we finally decide on will guide us on the decorations we use, the invitations we create and the various other aspects of the baby shower.

I am sure you can clearly see that this is a crucial step in the baby shower planning process! So lets get it right with the tips in this post.

Color Patterns And Palettes

There are three ways to go about this. You could pick a theme like the baby shower monkey theme that already comes with a color scheme (brown, yellow and turquoise green).

In this case you don’t have to think that hard about your baby shower color scheme because your theme will already have one.

The second option is also straight forward, the baby’s gender.

If you go with the baby’s gender then your choices are either variations of pink if the mom-to-be in having a girl or variations of blue if the expecting mom is having a boy.

Here are some great gender based color patterns:

girl color schemes
Classic girl and boy baby shower color themes and patterns can be any combination of three blues for boys and/or three pinks for girls. It all depends on you and what you think will suit the baby shower best.

You might want to get floral arrangements that match up and correspond with the color combination you choose. Once you have established the gender based color then everything else will fall into place.

boy color schemes

Clean coed combinations

The third option is to throw a coed baby shower. These types of baby showers are becoming more and more popular. I think they will soon be the standard.

Here are some great coed baby shower ideas that you can look through.

In the link I provided I go over all the points that make up a coed shower.

One of the major points that I go over are the color schemes, if you want to throw this kind of party then you are going to need ‘clean’ colors that aren’t pastel and that aren’t gender based such as pink or blue.

This gives you more freedom since there are all sorts of clean colors that you could use and choose from. Here are some examples:

Clean Baby Shower Color Schemes

Trust your eyes & your vision

The samples and tips in this post are meant to advise you only. Trust in the theme you want to use and coordinate your baby shower around that.

This part is important, so think long and hard on what theme or type of baby shower you want to create.

Please feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below. Or if you have more suggestions on baby shower color schemes leave them in the comments section as well.

Your advice and know-how is always welcomed and appreciated here.

Thank you and enjoy planning your baby shower.

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