Diaper cake poems to use

Diaper cake poems In this post we will go over several poems that you can put on your beautiful diaper cake that your guest will go crazy for at your baby shower.

But first, why are these diaper arrangements so popular at baby showers these days?

Diaper cakes are a great table centerpiece at any baby shower. They make great practical gifts that the expecting couple will surely need when they start raising their new born.

These diaper arrangements are so versatile that you can fit them with any baby shower theme that you can think of; from a Winnie the Pooh baby shower theme to an owl baby shower theme. One diaper cake fits all!

All you need is a little imagination and creativity and you can create a D.C. to match the overall decorative scheme of your baby shower.

Lately, more and more people are decorating their diaper cakes with cards and poems! Below are several great examples that you can use.

Diaper cake poems that rock!

This cake and that cake
They both taste great!
But what you need
Is a diaper cake!

Can you think what babies need
For when babies do their deeds
So long as babies feed
They need more of these

I made this lovely cake for you
It looks to be quite tasty
It isn’t meant for eating
So please don’t be too hasty

Create a cake
But not one you bake
Make it great
But not one your guests take

One diaper, two diapers, three diapers four
Don’t stop know you may need more
Make one big, make one tall
Don’t stop now, push with your all

What will you make
That takes time to create
If not a diaper cake
Your baby thinks its great

Here is a cake made with love
though I wouldn’t call it yummy
For the ingredients used go on the baby
not inside your tummy

The sky is the limit

These are just some of the examples of the poems that you can use on your diaper arrangement.

I’m sure you have also noticed that you can easily create and whip up your own diaper cake poems just by stringing some nursery rhymes together and by switching the words with baby related topics and ideas.

Please feel free to add any of your ideas for poems that are related to diaper cakes in the comments section below.

All of your tips and ideas are always welcomed here and appreciated by our guests.

Thank you and take care.

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