Easy Diaper Cake Instructions

Below you will find one free video on how to make a three tier diaper roll cake with written instructions on how to construct it and a second free video on how to decorate this type of D.C. also with written instructions.

This is a great centerpiece and it will look lovely at your baby shower but before we get into all of that, I want to share with you a valuable resource.

How would you like to learn to make these cakes easily and cheaply:

  • The Tractor
  • The Motorcycle
  • The Tricycle
  • Or The Very Popular Diaper “Wheel” Cake

Maybe you need to SEE what I am talking about. Check out the videos and links below!

The free tutorials below include your standard cake construction video, decorating video, written instructions for both guides and a list of materials that you will need to create the three tier beauty, enjoy.

First Thing Is First – Get Materials

Diaper Cake Instructions

There are some basic materials that you will need to construct this easy to make D.C. These items are cheap and can be found almost anywhere. Here is what you will need:

  • assorted rubber bands
  • sixty three diapers
  • scissors
  • paper towel tube
  • glue gun
  • 1 1/2 inch satin ribbon
  • baby items for decoration (e.g. teddy bears, bibs etc…)

That’s it! With these simple items you can create a nice cake that the expecting mom is going to simply love! Decorate it anyway you want to match your theme or baby shower motif.

5 Step Instruction And How-to Video

Okay, here is the easy part. Actually, there is nothing difficult about this whole process. Its fun and easy to make:

The First tier base consists of: ring 1 – six diapers, ring 2 – twelve diapers, ring 3 – eighteen diapers.

The Second tier middle part consists of: ring 1 – six diapers, ring 2 – twelve diapers.

The Third tier or the top part consists of: ring – six diapers.

First – you will roll all your diapers. You will not open them up but rather you will fold them as they are, from one end to the other. Then, you will tie each one with a rubber band to secure it.

Second – you will place a rubber band at the base of the paper towel. You will then insert six diapers around the base. You will then put another rubber band around the six diapers and you will repeat the process with twelve diapers and once again with eight teen diapers. You now have your first bottom base tier.

Third – repeat the second step on top of the first tier but instead of three rings you will only make two rings (a ring of six diapers and a second ring of twelve diapers). You now have your second tier.  Repeat this process one more time at the top with one ring of six diapers to complete your final tier.

Fourth – wrap the one and a half inch satin ribbon around each tier concealing the rubber bands. Cut the ribbons to the correct length for each tier and glue them together with your glue gun.

Fifth – decorate your cake anyway you want. Make sure you top it off with something cute or beautiful like a big bow or ribbon. You can even use a teddy bear or a different kind of plush toy. Let your imagination be your guide. Don’t forget however, that your cake should fit the overall theme and atmosphere of your baby shower.

Some people have a hard time decorating the diaper cake or they might feel that their decorating attempts might be a little simple and underdeveloped. Below I’ve provided you with extra decorating instructions tips to help you create the most beautiful D.C. imaginable.

Please remember that these are my ideas but you are free to alter them any way you’d like to fit the overall theme or your personal preferences:

Decorating Instruction Tips

Instead of using a paper towel tube as your center you can opt for two baby bottles on top of each other. You can also fill these baby bottles with wrapped pieces of candy and/or wrapped pieces of chocolate. I’m sure the expecting mother will really appreciate this hidden bonus!

Learn more about diaper wheels and how to make them here

Another great tip to further accentuate the beauty of your diaper cake is to use two types of wide decorating ribbons on top of each other.

Let’s say for example your color theme is pink and brown. You will first wrap each tier with a wide brown satin ribbon and attach the ends with a glue gun.

Then you will use pink wire-edged decorating ribbons to wrap around the brown satin ribbons for each tier.

Make sure you leave enough slack with your pink wire-edged ribbons so that you can tie the ends into cute little bows. You will then puff out the bows to further accentuate the pink part of your color combination.

You can easily find wide satin decorating ribbons and wire-edged decorating ribbons at your local arts and crafts store.

We’re not done yet! take a trip to your local dollar store and go to the baby goods section. Pick two items for each tier of your three tier diaper cake that matches up with your color pattern. You will also want to purchase a small plush doll for the very top of your diaper cake.

If your color pattern is pink and brown then you might want pink and brown baby spoons for your top diaper cake tier, pink and brown baby rattles for your middle tier and a pair of soft combs in your color pattern for your bottom tier.

You will insert each pair of items into the pink wire-edged bows that you created earlier on.

You’re going to want the bigger baby items at the bottom tier so that it progresses to the smallest pair of baby items at the top tier.

You’ll also pin one of the arms of your plush doll to the top of your diaper cake so that it can securely sit on the top tier without falling over.

There you have it! A work of art!

If you would like to add any commentary of your own in regards to these diaper cake instructions or the video course then please put them in the comments section below.

Also, feel free to share any other tips and advice that you think can help the visitors of this site beautify their baby shower diaper cake. Thank you all and have a nice day!

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  1. Karen says

    I think this is a great idea for a baby shower and it is fun, but I have noticed that all the diaper cakes I have seen are made with non-disposable diapers. Can you make one of these with disposable diapers that will actually get used after the shower? I don’t know very many people that use non-disposable anymore and I want to make something they can use later.

  2. Donald says

    I guess it is because I don’t agree with indiscriminately procreating and adding to an already over populated world, that I had no idea people made elaborate cakes for baby showers which rival the complexity and creativity of wedding cakes. No wonder people say it is lucrative to go into business to sell products and services to parents and people who are looking to start a family. I bet they wax rich of supplying their demands.

    • Miki says

      Thank you for your opinion but I’m sure you’ll agree that you can find the good and bad in everything. That being said, easy up friend – its a baby shower.

      Have a good day.

  3. Florence says

    These are so cute, I am planning a baby shower for a good friend of mine and this will go perfectly because she is actually thinking about using cloth diapers for at least the first few months because she believes they will be more gentle on the baby. Do they have colored cloth diapers or are they all just white?

    • Miki says

      that sounds nice but they are all disposable diapers rolled up or formed as a wheel. I have seen however diaper cakes where each tier is covered in a receiving blanket. I’m sorry to say I’ve never seen one with cloth diapers.

  4. William says

    How come I have never seen someone come up with a disposable diaper cake? I think it would be possible to do and it could actually get used up. I think it would be cute if each tier was a different size. I just don’t think there are very many people that use cloth diapers anymore. And I know my girlfriend won’t be, I’ll give it a try with disposable and see how it goes.

    • Miki says

      Thank you Will, but that’s exactly what they are. After the baby shower you can easily take-a-part the diaper cake and use each diaper. As for the tiers, you can have them at any size you want.

  5. Liz says

    I think this is a great idea for a baby shower and it is fun but it is also impractical because the diapers would be all bent and rolled up after the shower. They will loose their shape and be uncomfortable for the baby. Wouldn’t they?

    • Miki says

      Thanks for your input, The surprising truth is that diapers can be easily stretched out again to their original form, its not a problem at all.

  6. Theresa says

    Thank you for the instructions I was having difficulty figuring out how to keep them together.

  7. Joel says

    Diapers with little designs and stuff on them are uber cute. I am not saying that these aren’t cute, I just want to make one that is bursting with color!

    • Miki says

      I actually like the fact that you can tell that diapers are being used. I mean, too much color or too much concealment of the diapers might leave you with something completely different. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Mari says

    I think everybody should use non-disposable diapers because they are more gentle on the baby and the environment both. This is a good way to get the diapers to the party in a very attractive way. Sorry english is not my first language.

  9. Gloria says

    You did an excellent job with the instructions and your blog, the videos were very helpful as well, you had some really pretty diaper cakes.

  10. Abbys Diaper Cake says

    Really cute diaper cakes! We use a cardboard tube as well for the center.

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