Following a baby shower to do list

Following a baby shower to do listIt’s important that you have a to-do-list when planning and executing your baby shower.

You must organize how you will plan out different aspects of your shower.

On the other hand, if your baby shower will be a small event then it’s okay to forgo the to-do-list.

Your shower to-do-list is more like a time schedule that has different phases. Each phase prepares you for the upcoming event and it also eases you (the host) into it, which is always a good thing.

Begin a Month Before

There are certain things that you have to plan out for a month in advance. You should know the theme and color palette that you will be using at the baby shower.

You will also need to know the type of games and activities you will be creating, the date the shower will be taking place, the type of food you will be serving, the people you’ll be inviting and the location of the event.

Three weeks before

Three weeks before your deadline you should mail out all of the invitations and you should also contact your local caterers to plan out the types of food you will be serving at the baby shower.

You should also know your budget at this time and who will be helping you to organize the baby shower. Make sure you get people you can depend on that are close to you or the mom-to-be.

One week before

One week before the baby shower you should be confirming who is coming and who is not coming. You should also be finalizing the baby shower food menu and you should be wrapping gifts.

I almost forgot, you should also be acquiring all of the things you’ll need to decorate the baby shower with

The day before the baby shower and the day of….

On the final day before the baby shower, you should be confirming and checking all of the things we mentioned above.

This includes doublechecking your games and activities, what time the caterers will arrive (or what time the dishes will be done if you’re cooking them).

On the day before the baby shower you should also send out a quick e-mail to all the guests that are attending so that they don’t forget.

Make sure you have enough gifts and favors for everybody and that the decorations are ready to be displayed.

The day of the baby shower can be a little hectic, just keep calm and stick to the to-do-list! Prepare and check the decorations, the food, the guestbook and make sure the centerpiece is where it should be.

It’s all in the list

Don’t let the stress and the deadline get to you! As long as you have a baby shower check list (click the link for a free printable copy) you can easily plan out and create a great baby shower without a hitch.

Remember that most of a baby shower event stems from the theme and color palette that you have chosen. Make sure everything revolves around those two points.

Trust in your list and it should all be a breeze.

If you feel like I’ve left something out of this guide or if you’d like to add something please let us know in the comments section below.

We’d love to hear what you think and I’m sure our visitors would to.

Take care and have a great day!

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