Gender Reveal Party Shower Guide


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More and more expecting couples are opting for gender reveal baby showers these days.

Watch the video below to see how this type of event is done!

Unlike traditional baby showers ,where only women attend, this type of shower is a coed party where both men and women can join and participate in.

The beauty about this type of baby shower is the fact that everybody at the shower can share in the excitement in finding out the baby’s gender!

Both family and friends will gather anxiously around you and the expecting couple as the mom-to-be slowly cuts into the cake to reveal the baby’s gender. Doesn’t that just sound awesome!?!?

If the expecting couple cuts out a pink piece of cake then it’s a girl and if the expecting couple cuts out a blue piece of cake then it’s a boy.

Or the mom-to-be can just take the knife out of the cake to reveal the gender of the baby by looking at the color of the knife. It’s all up to you and how the expecting parents want to do it!

How to pull off this type of event

Let’s talk about the important part first. You will need to to talk with your ultrasound technician and have him or her write the gender of the expecting couple’s child on a slip of paper and place it in a sealed envelope.

Ask the ultrasound technician if he or she has experience with this kind of request. If not, make sure you explain the request and the idea carefully.

Gender Reveal Party Shower Guide

The sealed envelope containing the gender should then be delivered to your baker with the strict instructions of baking a pink or blue cake depending on the information in the secret envelope.

The information in the envelope should only be known to your ultrasound technician, your baker and no one else.

Again, ask your baker if he or she has experience with this type of event. If not, explain it to your baker.

Don’t forget to instruct your baker to completely cover the cake and design the outside of the cake with a neutral-color frosting that is neither pink nor blue. The frosting can match your baby shower theme as long as it doesn’t reveal in any way, shape, or form the gender of the child.

Once you get this crucial part out of the way, it’s time to plan the rest of the baby shower. Remember that this is a coed baby shower and your color palette should be made up of clean colors and not pastel colors.

You should include games for women and baby shower games for men. Nothing about this type of party should let on to the baby’s gender so keep it as neutral as possible. Everything must remain neutral from the style of your invitations to your diaper cake centerpiece.

If you’re looking for more information about coed baby shower ideas then follow the link provided.

Also, don’t forget to advertise the fact that you’re having a gender mystery baby shower in the invitation and anywhere else that you can think of to build up hype and to get everybody excited about the event.

Neutral Themed Printables

If you are planning a gender reveal baby shower and you don’t want to fuss over all of the decorating and planning then let me recommend these gender reveal printables:

These printables are cute and adorable but most importantly they keep your child’s gender a secret and they make your baby shower planning less stressful.

Gender neutral diaper cakes

What is a baby shower without a diaper cake? These beautiful three-tiered diaper centerpieces are always good to look at and they provide a valuable resource for the mom to be.

You can easily create one to fit any theme, even a genderless theme like this one. Below I’ve provided you with an easy-to-follow diaper cake tutorial video, written material Guide and some easy-to-follow neutral decorating tips:

You’ll need:

  • assorted rubber bands
  • sixty three diapers
  • scissors
  • paper towel tube
  • glue gun
  • 1 1/2 inch green satin ribbons and orange wire-edged sheer ribbons

The First tier base consists of: ring 1 – 6 diapers, ring 2 – 12 diapers, ring 3 – 18 diapers.

The Second tier middle part consists of: ring 1 – 6 diapers, ring 2 – 12 diapers.

The Third tier or the top part consists of: ring – 6 diapers.

First thing you’ll have to do is take your green satin ribbons and wrap them around each tier. You will attach the ends with a glue gun, be sure not to burn yourself.

After the glue has settled, you will then wrap your orange wire edge sheer ribbons around the green ones. You will cut the ends and tie them into little bows. Make sure to puff out the ends to enhance the Bows.

You should put a cute little gender neutral plush doll on top of the three-tier diaper cake. Rabbits, bears, giraffes and ducks make good choices for this diaper cake theme.

If you feel this is too much of an arts and crafts challenge then you could always buy a diaper cake. There are plenty of high quality and reasonably priced diaper cakes for sale online.

It’s all in the planning!

baby gender reveal showerIf you want to pull off this kind of baby shower you are going to need some help from your ultrasound technicians and your baker.

Follow the tips in this post and you will be on your way to hosting an amazing baby shower that will leave everyone surprised and entertained, especially the expecting couple.

I included some pretty useful and informative tips in this post but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t more great ideas out there.

If you’ve hosted a gender reveal party and if you have some good ideas that you would like to share with the rest of us then please leave them in the comments section below.

All of the information, thoughts and opinions that you’re willing to share with us is always appreciated. Thank you and I hope you enjoy planning out and hosting your baby shower.

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  1. Jimena says

    Gender reveal parties sound like lots of baby gift returns! Also, having the menfolk at baby showers is not a new concept – in the Hispanic culture, they’re expected to attend and are made welcome as well!

  2. Amber says

    I am planning on having a gender reveal party for my best friend. She originally did not want to know the sex of the baby until it was born, but i pitched her the idea and after talking to her boyfriend, she decided that was the way to go. I am really excited about it and have a lot of planning to do.

  3. Miki says

    Amber that’s wonderful! It really is an emotional and exciting way to find out about the gender of the child while at the same time including friends and loved ones. You are really making a great baby shower for your friend. This really is the cutting edge of baby showers, in my opinion.

    Make sure that the expecting couple talk to their ultra sound technician and also make sure your cake shop is on board and competent. I hope you have a great time hosting your friends shower. take care!

  4. Carrie says

    My husband and I are going to find out the sex at the ultrasound, but we’re having a “gender reveal party” for the rest of our family. Seems so much more fun than just a cold phone call, “Hey, it’s a girl/boy.” Plus, this is our second…so since we’re not having a baby shower, it’s a fun way to make this baby’s arrival exciting for everyone else, too!

  5. Miki says

    CONGRATULATIONS!! sounds like a great way to break the news to the rest of the fam. I hope u have a good time planning it!

  6. Alison says

    I want to do this with the next baby! I would plan it myself, but ask everyone to bring a pack of diapers or wipes for the “expectant parents.” That way no one would feel ‘obligated’ to give us a shower,but we would still get some goodies!:)
    So it would be a Gender Reveal/Diaper

  7. Christina says

    My husband and I are planning on throwing the gender reveal party ourselves on our 20 weeks ultrasound. That way it gives people time between finding out the gender of our baby and the baby shower, which will be thrown later by relatives, to get gender appropriate gifts. The party will be a fun get together for family and friends, we will serve food and bid on what gender we think the baby is until the reveal. Lots of fun!

  8. Vanessa says

    My husband and I are also going to have a gender reveal party for just close friends and family. This is our first baby so I wanted to have a small gathering to reveal the gender prior to the baby shower. After looking through numerous websites for ideas, I thought it would be easier to host a smaller party (without gifts) just to get the excitement going!

  9. Miki says

    Thats a wise option to omit the gifts, its sometimes hard to find different gender neutral gifts. It often results in the same kinds of gifts over and over again.

    Have fun!

  10. Alicia says

    My husband and I have military orders to move to Japan when i’ll be about 22 weeks, so we don’t have time for a baby shower. My sister decided instead to throw us a gender-reveal/going-away party right before we leave! I’m so excited, b/c I was thoroughly bummed when I thought I wasn’t going to get the experience of a baby shower. This will be close enough.

  11. Miki says

    i think that’s great! it gives a sense of “new surprise beginnings”

    have fun and good luck in Japan!

  12. Kendall says

    My best friend is throwing one for my husband and me in March. We are asking that guests don’t bring gifts. We will have a formal baby shower just for the ladies laster. Before we cut the cake we will enjoy apps, drinks, and go through all of the myths to see what we “should” be having. We can’t wait!!

  13. Miki says

    excellent! A double baby shower! I like the “myths” idea. I think you’ve just given me my next blog post idea, THANKS!

  14. jessica says

    My brother and his wife did a gender reveal right after they had their ultrasound to reveal the gender, no presents, and did a normal baby shower later in her pregnancy. And that’s what I intend on doing! I’ve also heard of people doing the gender reveal with balloons either blue or pink full of helium in a box and then mom and dad together open the box and release the balloons.

  15. Miki says

    I love the balloon idea. I’d like to know who would be in-charge of that, the host?

    I mean in the above model only the doctor and the baker would know the baby’s gender. In the balloon idea, who would the doctor give the secret information to?

    I wonder….

  16. Lindsay says

    I’m planning on doing the balloon idea because my sis says she can’t wait for someone to bake a cake! Lol
    I’m thinking the same idea goes as with the baker. Explain to them what you’re doing and hand them the envelope and the box. Have them seal the box after they fill it.
    I’ll order pink and blue cupcakes as “decorations”

  17. Miki says

    Thanks for the quick reply and explanation! I’ll be sure to add your ideas next time I write about gender reveal party ideas :-)

    I’m thinking that you could play a game with the pink and blue cupcakes. Maybe have the guests choose what gender they think the baby will be via the cupcakes?

    or after a set time – see how many pink or blue cupcakes are left. ‘Voting by eating’ so to speak. mmmmmmm

  18. Sarah says

    My husband and I just hosted a gender reveal party. We opted for a small get- together with close family and no gifts for this party. We provided drinks and appetizers for guests, and tried to keep it simple.

    For the reaveal part, we did it a little bit differently. We did not go with a baker, but instead chose an honored family member, my sister, to be the first to know. She came with us to the ultrasound, but it would be just as easy to hand her a sealed envelope with the gender inside. She is a good baker, so that helps. Instead of having a large cake, we used individually filled cupcakes. My sister’s job was to fill each cupcake with pink or blue frosting, depending on the gender. There are lots of online tutorials for how to make filled cupcakes. The cake and outer frosting was neutral.

    We had our guests stand on either side of the room, depending on which gender they thought it was (and we took pictures of the “boy camp” and “girl camp”). They watched as my husband and I took the first bite, which showed pink frosting! Everyone was so excited, and it was so special to share this moment with family! I think this idea might just catch on in our big family. It’s a great excuse for a small party, and a fun at to involve the men.

  19. Miki says

    Sarah! I love the cupcake idea and how you turned it into a game! Im writing a post with all new gender reveal ideas and I am including all of these great ideas!

    Thanks Sarah and everyone else who is commenting and leaving all of these great ideas!

    Sorry but I gotta say it again GREAT IDEAS EVERYONE!!

    Update –
    Here is the post that you guys inspired, thank you:
    baby gender reveal party ideas

  20. Amanda says

    i’m having a gender reveal party this weekend & i am 5 months along. i will be having a seperate baby shower later on in june. it didn’t make sense to me to reveal the sex at a baby shower and have to deal with all of the gift returns and such and plus i couldn’t wait till june!

    my boyfriend and i found out the sex of the baby already.. so i put in an order of cupcakes: 15 with baby pink icing and baby blue question marks & 15 with baby blue icing and baby pink question marks… only one of the cupcakes will have baby blue filling on the inside (since it’s a boy) and when we all bite into the cupcakes at the same time at the party, the one guest who bites into the colored filling will yell out it’s a boy!

  21. Miki says

    Congratulations Amanda on your baby boy!

    That’s great! READ THE ABOVE IF YOU WANT A NEW AND SPECTACULAR WAY TO REVEAL THE GENDER! Thank you so much Amanda you really added to this site and helped a lot of people who visit this site and are looking for new ways to reveal the gender of their child.

    I wish you, your baby boy and your boyfriend all the best!

  22. Crystal says

    I dont really agree, there are alot of nutral things out there that people can give, you can also not have gifts at all. Cards, Diapers, Wet wipes, ect.

  23. Dee says

    I’d love to have a gender reveal party. We just moved to a new place due to DH’s job (military) and by the time we know the gender, we still won’t know very many people, and could hardly expect anyone to bring us gifts, so I think this would be a great thing to have, even with just a few people.

    I have 2 different ideas, so I’m not sure what we’ll go with, but one idea is to ask everyone to come wearing a shirt of blue or pink–to show which they think the baby will be;

    The second, we’ll find out the gender right around Halloween, and I thought it would be neat to have everyone dress up in a boy-ish or girl-ish costume of what they think the baby’s gender is.

    My bff (who lives far away) and I are pretty taken with the Halloween idea. (DH and I will probably find out first, and to throw everyone off, wear different “gender-themed” costumes.

    But who knows…there’s alot of time between now and October and I am very taken with the idea of the gender reveal party. (Just wish our parents could join us, so maybe we’ll find a way to send them cupcakes or cookies filled with colored white chocolate of their own to find out…and maybe have them call us as they open the box and then take a bite. 😉 That way we can hear their reaction.)

    Hope you like some of these ideas. 😉

  24. Miki says

    I love the fact that you are coming up with your own gender reveal ideas. I personally love the blue and pink shirt idea you have. then you can revolve your decorations around that color pattern.

    I am definitively including it in the next gender reveal post I create :-)

    The costume idea is pretty good too but its a bit more complicated and you wouldn’t be able to coordinate your decorations as nicely as you would with the pink and blue shirt idea. Plus, the pink and blue shirt idea is easier for your guests to do.

    Don’t worry about the size of your baby shower either, smaller showers facilitate better conversation and they are easier to decorate for. I think so at least.

    I’m sorry to hear your parents can’t make the shower, have you thought about skyping them right before the gender is revealed?

    Here are some great cupcake recipes you can try.

    Best Regards,

    P.S. I’d love to host your baby shower video or article on this site so that everyone can learn how its done. Let me know if you are interested.

    Have a great gender reveal party and let me know if you are interested :-)

  25. Jacquelyn says

    we’re doing the same thing..we want it to be a personal private thing to find out on our own. But for our family we want it to be a fun surprise

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