How to make a diaper cake tricycle or tractor

make a tricycle diaper cake or a tractor diaper cake Let’s uncover how to make a diaper cake tricycle and/or tractor in this easy to follow video and written tutorial.

I have been looking around the Internet and many people are asking how to make a tractor diaper cake but there doesn’t seem to be a comprehensive tutorial on how to do it.

On the other hand, I found several articles and videos teaching us how to create a diaper cake tricycle which I found to be a little odd because the basic idea behind both the tricycle and tractor diaper cake is the same.

Both a tricycle and a tractor have three wheels. The difference is a tricycle diaper cake has too little wheels in the back and one big wheel in front whereas a tractor diaper cake has two big wheels in the back and one little wheel in front.

It stands to reason if you know how to make a tricycle cake then you can easily make a tractor one.

Below I have listed all the materials you need to make either/or, a how-to video on how to make a tricycle diaper cake and I also provided you with some tips and advice on how to tweak the tricycle diaper arrangement into a tractor diaper cake.

Diaper Cake Materials

Before we begin this arts and crafts project, we need to get several items in order to create our diaper cake tricycle or tractor. We will be tweaking some of the materials for our tractor diaper arrangement. Here are the necessary materials below:

  • Three toilet paper rolls
  • One baby bottle
  • 30 diapers divided into three sections of 10
  • Ribbons
  • A one-inch width small ribbon
  • A decorative bow
  • Soft wire twine
  • Curling ribbons
  • Tape or glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Three washcloths
  • One onesie
  • Two receiving blankets
  • Small soft plush doll of your choosing

Once you have these items you can check out the videos below to get a detailed explanation on how to create this kind of diaper cake.

Tricycle Tutorial Part 1

Wrapping The Diaper Wheels:

Part 2

Creating The Tricycle:

Here’s the good news, making a tractor diaper cake is much easier than creating a tricycle one. The bad news is, joking there is no bad news; if you can make a tricycle one you can easily make a tractor arrangement.

If you notice in the videos she got the tricycle concept a little bit wrong. The front wheel should be large and the back wheels should be small. Instead, all the wheels are the same size but this works perfectly for our tractor theme.

You’re going to purposely make one of the wheels smaller as the head wheel for our tractor. Make one diaper wheel with 20 diapers instead of 30.

And it gets even easier, you don’t have to create the handles because the smaller wheel will only hold and support the tractor chassis.

So how do you create the tractor chassis? That’s easy, you just need a small plastic container or basket and wrap it with a receiving blanket.

Now that you have your tractor chassis you need to rest most of it on the axis with the two big diaper wheels.

Place the other end of your tractor chassis on the little diaper wheel. Put a pacifier on top and in front of the chassis as a steering wheel and a cute cowboy themed plush doll on top of the chassis.

There you have it, an excellent looking tractor diaper cake. Here is an image to help you visualize the general concept of this beautiful tractor diaper cake.

So what kind of centerpiece will you make?

I really hope he learned a lot from this tricycle/tractor diaper cake tutorial. Don’t be afraid of creating the tractor arrangement I’m sure you can pull it off. If not, check out these easy diaper arrangement instructions for three tier cakes. I am sure it can help you out.

If any of you would like to contribute your ideas and thoughts about any of these two diaper cake arrangements please feel free to leave your ideas in the comment section below. Thank you and be well.

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  1. John Miller says

    A tricycle diaper cake, how unique. Bet a person could have a lot of fun with that at a baby shower.

  2. Lucy says

    I’d like to see the ending of this video, it actually stopped on the part when you took the peach ribbon and said now i want to show you a little trick.

  3. Miki says

    Hello Lucy,

    I hope you are well.

    I didn’t make those videos. I found them on youtube and thought my readers would learn a lot from them. The funny thing is; there is no part 3 to speak of.

    You can check yourself if you’d like on youtube – The videos are titled “how to make a bike diaper cake tutorial 1” and “how to make a bike diaper cake tutorial 2” when I searched for “how to make a bike diaper cake tutorial 3” nothing came up.

    There is however a great hd quality diaper cake instruction video series on how to make a tricycle diaper cake, tractor diaper cake, motorcycle diaper cake, 3 tier simple diaper cake and the 3 tier SMOOTH diaper cake, its $20 and it includes three bonuses. You can find it here:

    but I got it for you for just 10$ here:

    c u an enjoy!

  4. Carleen says

    You could have spoken up some more it was had to hear speak. Yea what about the small ribbon at the end???? I have made the tractor cake. I think that you can make the wheels the same way. Try it..

  5. says

    I agree, actually I pulled that video from youtube. At the time, it was the best video available but I’m going to replace it with something much better.

    Thanks for the advice!

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