Low Cost Baby Shower Games

Low Cost Baby Shower GamesAre you planning your groovy baby shower but can’t come up with any cool baby shower games that your guests can enjoy and play?

Awesome baby shower games are mostly quick, simple and short:

Here are 10 free printable baby shower games.

You should always remember that before you can create and develop your baby shower games you should center and focus them around the theme you will be using and around the expecting mother’s preferences.

Once you have these different elements guiding you I’m sure you will be able to create amazing games for you, the expecting couple and your guests. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Don’t you dare say baby!

All you will need are some diaper pins for each guest.

Have each guest pin a diaper pin onto their shirts. For the duration of the game no one is allowed to say the word “BABY”. The guest who catches other participants accidentally using the word “baby” collects that person’s diaper pin. The guest with the most diaper pins wins the game!

Guess the mom-to-be waist size!

You’re going to need scissors and a big ball of yarn or thread.

This is a cost effective and easy to play game. The guests have to guesstimate the expecting mother’s waist size by cutting a length of yarn that they think is the actual waist size of the mother-to-be.

The guests are not allowed to measure the yarn around their waists. After everyone cuts their piece of yarn, the expecting mother will try each one on. The guest with the most accurate length of yarn wins.

The lucky lovely gift game!

You are going to need tape, wrapping paper and a small gift.

Before the baby shower begins, you are going to gift wrap the small gift you got in layers with tape using easy to tear off wrapping paper. The number of layers should equal the number of guests attending the baby shower.

Play some music that corresponds with your baby shower theme. This game is played much like hot potato; pass the gift around until the music stops. The person holding the gift when the music stops will tear off one layer of the gift.

Repeat this process until the final layer. The guest who removes the final layer from the parcel is awarded the gift inside.

The one and only cotton ball game!

You are going to need a blindfold, a soup spoon and two big buckets or two big pots.

You are going to want the pots to be about 5 feet apart from each other and place all of the little cotton balls into one of the pots.

This game is easy, each guest gets one minute to move as many cotton balls as he or she can from one pot to the other blindfolded. The guest that moves the most is your winner!

Am I the baby in the picture?

Another excellent way to pass the time at a baby shower is to use well-established icebreakers and other mood atmosphere changers that will get your guests talking, socializing and mingling. Here’s a great way to accomplish just that:

You’re going to need baby pictures of all of your guests.

This amazing little icebreaker takes a little planning and preparation. About a month or two in advance when you send out your baby shower invitations have your guests mail you or e-mail you some baby pictures of themselves.

You will need to create a poster with all of the baby pictures of your guests on it. You can even decorate it to match the theme of the baby shower. Have your guests figure out who is who. The participant with the most correct matches wins the game.

Who said games need to be complicated?

I hope you enjoyed learning about these low-cost entertaining baby shower games that you can easily set up and play. These great ideas will surely make your baby shower a memorable one for all of the guests and the expecting parents.

If your budget allows it, why not present each guest that wins with a gift. This really adds to the whole experience.

Another good idea is to structure these games and icebreakers around your baby shower theme. For example; if you’re hosting an owl themed baby shower then you can use a cute little owl plush doll as the secret gift for the lucky lovely game’s final layer (see above for game details).

Please feel free to share your ideas and thoughts in the comments section below if you have experience with these baby shower games or if you’d like to include some of your own baby shower game ideas. Thank you and have a wonderful day!

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