Make Diaper Wheels For Diaper Cakes

Make Diaper Wheels For Diaper CakesThis is the core of our diaper cake video series. Please watch and read every video and paragraph in this “SECTION” section first before moving on to the other videos we have for you.

All of the diaper cakes in this video series are comprised of a combination of big diaper wheels, medium diaper wheels and/or small diaper wheels.

Here we will reveal our core secret method and technique on how to make these beautiful diaper cakes. Here you will learn:

  • How to make a diaper wheel
  • Getting the diaper wheel right
  • Attaching the ribbon on the diaper wheel

Once you master these easy techniques you can move on to the diaper cake video tutorial of your choice once we send them to you via email.

Essential Diaper Cake Tools:

  • 3 pans- Large saute pan, Medium saute pan and Small saute pan
  • scissors
  • toilet paper tube
  • assorted rubber bands
  • wide decorating ribbons
  • glue gun
  • diapers

The Big Wheel:

These big wheels form the base for our three tier diaper cakes. They form the wheels for our diaper cake motorcycles. They form the back wheels for our diaper cake tractors.

We also use one big wheel to form the front wheel of our tricycle diaper cakes.

They range from 25 to 30 diapers per big wheel. See video instructions for the specific type of diaper cake you want to make to determine the size of the big wheel.

The Medium Wheel:

These medium wheels form the mid-section of our three tier diaper cakes. They form the back wheels for our diaper cake tricycles.

We also use one medium wheel to form the front wheel of our tractor diaper cakes.

They range from 15 to 20 diapers per medium wheel. See video instructions for the specific type of diaper cake you want to make to determine the size of the medium wheel.

The Small Wheel:

These small wheels form the top of our three tier diaper cakes.

They range from 8 to 10 diapers per small wheel. See video instructions for the specific type of diaper cake you want to make to determine the size of the small wheel.

Getting The Wheel Right:

After you have formed your diaper wheel inside the pan you will then need to straighten it out so that the hole is in the center of the wheel and the diapers are spaced 1/2 an inch apart along the inside of the pan.


Lay one hand on the wheel and use the other hand to gently yank and pull the diapers into place. Work around the wheel until a center naturally forms and all the diapers are aligned.

Attaching The Ribbon Onto The Diaper Wheel:

Remember to firmly and tightly wrap the wide ribbon around the diaper wheel before adding the glue. Add a bit more glue at the end of the ribbon for extra support and security.


You don’t have to remove the rubber bands. You can easily hide the rubber bands in the middle with a wide satin ribbon.

If you want to remove the rubber bands from the diaper wheel you will NEED a glue gun to secure the wide ribbon. Double sided tape will not be able to secure the wheel with the ribbon.

Questions & Answers:

What are the dimensions for the saute pans? They don’t vary much but your typical dimensions are 8″ small saute pan,  10″ medium saute pan and 12″ large saute pan.

Do I need to make all the diaper wheels? No, it depends on the type of diaper cake you want to make. See specific diaper cake video tutorial for details.

What are the rubber bands for? To hold and remove the diaper wheel once it is completed from the saute pan. You can remove the rubber band after you’ve place and secured the wide ribbon on the diaper wheel with your glue gun.

How much are wide ribbons? Under $6 for 100 yards.

Where can I buy wide ribbons? At any arts and crafts store.

How much is a glue gun? Under $10 with glue sticks.

Where can I buy a glue gun? At Home Depot, DIY stores and/or arts and crafts stores.

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  1. Isabel says

    Gracias por compartir un trabajo tan bien explicado, para mi fue de gran utilidad, de nuevo muchas gracias

  2. Debbie A. says

    I just made my first diaper cake using your simple instructions and great tips. It turned exactly how I wanted, and I can’t wait to make more! Thank you so much!

    • says

      I’m so happy to hear it! If you would like, feel free to contribute to this blog with a video and/or an article showing us how you decorated your diaper cake.

  3. Kelly says

    I like the way the diaper wheels look vs. the rolled up diapers, but I want to make a three tier cake using the wheels. You show using individual toilet paper tubes for each wheel, but a paper towel tube or two baby bottles for the three tier. How would I transfer a paper towel tube into the large, medium and small tiers of the wheels, when the toilet paper tubes are already inserted before they are removed from the sauce pans?


    • says

      Great question, and I apologize if I wasn’t clear in the videos. The toilet paper rolls aren’t for the final product they are just used to help you maintain each wheel’s structure during assembly and decoration. After you have assembled the diaper wheels and have attached your ribbons around them you can remove the toilet paper rolls. The paper towel tube is used at the very end to assemble and hold all of the wheels into a three tier diaper cake structure.

      First lay your finished big wheel on a cake base with the toilet paper roll already removed, then place the paper towel tube in the center of the big wheel. Gently remove the toilet paper roll out of the other diaper wheels and stack them on the paper towel tube from largest to smallest until you have your completed three tier diaper wheel cake.

      I hope that helps. Have a great day!

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