More baby gender reveal party ideas

baby gender reveal party ideasFirst and foremost I want to thank everyone that commented on the original party reveal ideas post! I got so many new and creative ideas from people who improvised and made this type of baby shower their own.

Some of these new ideas are ‘out of the box’ type of ideas and some of them are just pure genius!

Either way I hope you enjoy them and perhaps you too can be inspired to create your own gender reveal party the way you think it ought to be 😉

G.R. Party Ideas & Tips

Tips from Jessica – Instead of a cake why not get a big neutral decorated cardboard box and fill it with helium balloons, pink balloons if its a girl and blue balloons if its a boy! The mom and dad to be will open the box together on the count of three revealing the gender of the baby in dramatic fashion! I love this idea!

Gift tip from Alison – Instead having a traditional baby shower, she opted for a gender reveal party. This allows her to plan it herself since a baby shower host isn’t needed for this type of party. This also provides less pressure on the guests to create a baby shower for her. She simply asked everyone to bring diapers and wipes. Simple and fun!

Gift tip from Christina – Why not have both a gender reveal party and a baby shower? How you ask? First, hold a gender reveal party on the 20th ultrasound week. This allows for the guests to get gender specific gifts for the baby shower later down the road. Great idea!

Tips from Sarah – Instead of a cake why not have filled cupcakes? Remember to have a neutral color for the outside frosting and a pink or blue filler for the inside part. Why filled cupcakes? because they are easier to manage and handle. Plus, revealing the gender of the baby becomes more of a personal experience for each guest. On the count of three, take a bite everyone!

Game tips from Sarah – She had her guests stand on either side of the room, depending on which gender they thought it was. She also took pictures of the “boy camp” side of the room and “girl camp” side of the room. First Sarah and her husband had a bite and then everyone else did. It was pink by the way 😉

Have it your way!

Once again I want to thank everyone for commenting and contributing to these wonderful baby gender reveal party ideas! Remember that you can do whatever you think will make your baby shower the best it can be.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different ideas and by all means, feel free to tweek or change any ideas you find on this site.

We always love to hear from all of you so please share your thoughts and opinions about these gender reveal party ideas in the comments section below. If you have your own baby shower tips and/or recommendations we’d like you to contribute them too.

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  1. Trish says

    What a fun idea! I had never heard of a gender reveal party, but it is such a great idea.

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