Owl Baby Shower Theme Guide

This type of baby shower is a big hit with expecting couples these days because this theme is so cute and simple.

The owl is a noble creature of the forest and it represents foresight and intelligence. It’s also the perfect theme for baby showers in the fall and winter.

The beauty of the owl theme is that it can work for both boy and girl baby showers.

It is also a great theme for coed baby showers because its not overly cute and it doesn’t put off male guests.

You can get all the Owl decorations you need for this themeĀ online ,which is not a bad idea if you got a big budget, but in this post I am going to focus on ways to create an owl theme on a tight budget.

First thing we need to do is establish our color scheme. You should go with forestry colors to recreate the owl’s environment.

Owl color schemeI think dark brown, green and white work nicely.

Feel free to think of other clean color schemes and palettes that represent the forest and the owl’s environment.

Once you got that checked off your list its time to move on to decorations. Its time to head to the dollar store and places like Target to get the items you need.

You should get miniature plush owl dolls (all sizes). A poke-dot table cloth with your color scheme. You will also need streamers, balloons and other party goods.

Remember to keep your color scheme in mind.

Decorations That HOOT!

Much like the baby shower monkey theme you will want to decorate your home with a lot of potted plants. Ask your friends to contribute their plotted plants if you are in need of more.

You can then decoratively place your miniature plush owl dolls and color themed balloons in different areas of your house and on the plotted plants. If you got acorns you can also use them to decorate your baby shower with.

Don’t let your ceiling feel left out, you can decorate your ceiling with brown and green streamers or with brown and green poke-dot streamers.

Another great idea is to get helium balloons or just plain old regular balloons in your color pattern. I’m sure there are many places in your neighborhood where you can get balloons for cheap. Make sure to ask a staff member or attendee at the store if they have any kind of balloons with owls on them.

You will also want to get plastic tableware that matches your color theme. You might have a hard time finding plastic tableware with owl designs on them but that’s okay. Just get tableware that has your color pattern. You might want white cups, brown plates, green forks and knives.

Diaper Cakes & Other Owl Centerpieces

Get your color themed poke-dot table cloth out and put it on your table. For your centerpiece you can go with a big owl plush doll in the center or you can create a baby shower diaper cake with brown ribbons and a miniature owl doll on the top of it.

The easiest kind of diaper cake to make is a three tier diaper roll cake by far. It is also an amazing diaper cake to look at.

You will need 63 diapers, a glue gun for the ribbons, assorted rubber bands, wide satin decorating ribbons in your color pattern, a paper towel tube for your center, a pair of scissors, assorted baby items in your color pattern and a small owl plush doll for the top of your diaper creation.

Here is an easy to follow diaper cake instructions video showing you how one is made. Quick and easy:

The First tier base consists of: ring 1 – six diapers, ring 2 – twelve diapers, ring 3 – eighteen diapers.

The Second tier middle part consists of: ring 1 – six diapers, ring 2 – twelve diapers.

The Third tier or the top part consists of: ring – six diapers.

Baby shower games for this theme

There are plenty of great and unique baby shower games that you can choose from. All you need to do is put an ‘owl’ twist to them. Here are some ideas:

Owl Musical Chairs – play musical chairs using the song ‘Who are you’ by The Who.

Diaper The Owl – same rules as ‘diaper the balloon’ apply but the guest will first draw an owl’s face on the balloon with a maker before they attempt to diaper it with a pin.

Owl Water Balloon – fill a small balloon with water and draw an owl’s face on it. Have your guests form a circle.

Tell your guests that they have to shout out the person’s name they intend to throw it to before they throw it. If you drop it, your out.

Periodically spread out the circle, last one standing is the winner! This game is best played outside.

Baby shower owl finger foods

Can you say chocolate and nuts? That’s right. You will be serving brownies, cupcakes and other goodies that are filled with chocolate and nuts. Here are some more ideas:

  • Chocolate Chunk Cookies
  • Benne Wafers
  • Loaded Blondies
  • Pecan Biscotti
  • Macadamias
  • Fudge with Nuts

You should also have other types of food like chips, finger sandwiches, veggies with dip but just keep in mind that your main focus is chocolate because it fits nicely with your owl theme.

Make sure your baker prepares a cake that falls inline with the rest of your theme.

Baby Shower Theme That’s a Real HOOT!

Baby Shower Owl ThemeYou don’t necessarily need to spend a fortune to create this amazing theme.

Just follow the tips in this post and your baby shower will look great!

Don’t forget to ask your friends for help if you need it and remember to use your resources to the fullest.

Have you created a baby shower owl event? If so, please share your experiences and advice with us in the comments sections below. Your input is always welcomed here.

Thank you and be well.

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  1. Didi says

    Not only does the Owl represent nature and the wisdom that is often depicted with cartoon Owls, but it makes for a cute character – by the way it’s depicted in these illustrations by whoever the artist is. As long as it looks cute, it can convey good feelings of positive energy, and that is what an expecting mother hopes to have!

  2. Robin says

    Very cute and creative blog. I have never seen an owl baby shower but that doesn’t mean much. The packages available on this site are very cute and could easily be decorated and altered. Having all the plants in the house could be a problem if someone has allergies but other than that I think they are a great added touch. The hardest part might be finding owl toys.

  3. Baby P says

    This is a very cute idea. I have never thought of owls being cute but these definitely are. Where is a good place to find stuffed plush owl toys of all sizes? Last I checked a plush owl was not the favorite with kids. You gave some very good ideas for games and food, I never would have thought chocolate was owl related LOL.

  4. Gloria says

    I think the owl baby on this blog is adorable. You were talking about plush toy owls though and I have not been able to find those ;are you sure kids like them enough to have plush toys made to look like owls? Is there anything special about the diaper cake or could we possibly make a diaper owl for a certain piece? It might take some practice but I’ll try it.

  5. Charla says

    This is a very cute idea and I can hardly wait for my cousin to see it. She is having a baby next month and she happens to love owls so I think she will do cart wheels over this. Thank you for posting this I probably would have never found it or even thought to look for it if I hadn’t stumbled across your blog. Has anyone posted a place to get plush owls?

  6. Jill says

    It is not very often that you see owls on anything. My mom collected owls but you just don’t find them in the toy section very often. I will keep looking because they have to have them some where. Does this package come with any plush toys to match the owls on the plates and things? This was a very imaginative post thank you for the idea.

  7. Miki says

    Thank you for commenting, I am on the hunt for owl plush dolls that are affordable and of good quality. I’ll post the link once I find it.

  8. Miki says

    Thanks for contributing! Yea, kids love plush dolls of all shapes and sizes.

    Your centerpiece and be anything you want it to be. Here is a great diaper cake tutorial to help you out, diaper cake instructions.

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