Pictures of diaper cakes to see

awesome diaper cakesOne of the most beautiful aspects about a baby shower are the diaper cakes! These works of art command a lot of attention and cameras! In this post (or should I say gallery) I want to show you some great images and photos that you will most certainly love and adore, I HOPE!

Below you will find all types of diaper cake images that I really enjoy. Please forgive me if the formatting is a little off, I’ve never used my blog as a gallery before. I guess there is a first time for everything.

I am not sure how many images and photos I will include because I’m writing this as I go along and I’m also adding pics as I go along too.

Diaper cake images to check out!

I will be putting up photos that I took and that my friend took as well. Actually, 90% of them are hers, I don’t take too many photos, compared to my friends at least.

motorcycle diaper cakeI playing this gallery post by ear and choosing the diaper cake pics I like the best so enjoy the diaper cake photos. I’ll try to explain the best I can.

diaper cake tractor photopictures of diaper cakesdiaper cake photos

So on the left are some diaper cake pictures that my friend made and took.

Now like I stated before I never used the gallery function on this blog so it might not come out as pretty as I’d hope it would but I am sure you can figure out what is what with the information I will give you.

You got a photo of some premium three tier diaper cakes towards the top left courtesy of Trisha (they make such great cakes over there) and below that you got your tricycle diaper cake on the dining room table with a cute little white teddy bear on top of it!

Under that you have another tricycle diaper cake and a tractor cake, it was very difficult to make the diaper wheels as some of you may already know. Here are some diaper cake instructions if you need some help.

My friend really loves teddy bears as you can plainly see. I think she went a little bit over board but hey, to each her own.

Below the tractor you have a motorcycle cake with a purple monkey on it. That one isn’t as difficult to make as you might think, besides the diaper wheels of course.

After that, you got a table shot of the tractor, motorcycle, the three tier smooth diaper wheel cake and a bunch of baby goods and items.

Pictures from my friend!

Some of the items on the table include; receiving blankets, plush dolls, satin ribbons, wired wide decorating ribbons, bibs, diapers, and that cage-basket looking thing is a bottle nipple cleaner which you need if you want to make the tractor chaise for that particular diaper cake.

Diaper Cake Instructions

Below those diaper cake pictures you got two gorgeous cartoon images of some cakes my friend made.

First you have your typical girl three tier smooth diaper wheel cake that I mentioned before with the bunny on top. Notice the pink and blue color scheme. Perfect if you are throwing a gender reveal party or a co-ed baby shower.

Each tier has different baby items like rattles and baby spoons. Wire edged ribbons were used on top of the satin blue ribbons to give it that effect and color pattern.

tractor diaper cakeBelow that you have your classic john dear tractor diaper cake cartoon image with the three wheels and the adorable white plush teddy bear doll on top (AGAIN)! I don’t know exactly how my friend made that but she assures me its easy.

She did mention that you got to rest the tractor chaise on the small size diaper wheel and the you got to wrap the receiving blanket really tight around the small basket.

Below the cartoon images you have the real image of the actual pink bunny diaper wheel cake with ribbons and all!

diaper cake imagesEasy Diaper Cake Instructions

Choosing the perfect diaper cake

Pics to remember!

These three diaper images at the bottom here are my favorite by far for several reasons (the bunny one, the diaper roll cake in the center with the purple bear on top, and again with the motorcycle cake with the monkey). I’d like to explain but as they say “a picture is worth a thousand words” and I’m going to bed, I’m tuckered out!

Good night, please remember to leave your opinions in the comments section below. Let me know if you love them or hate them. Thank you.

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