Pink and brown baby shower printable decorations!

We have done it! Maybe the most beautiful printable baby shower set we have ever created! I am proud to introduce the free pink and brown baby shower printable theme. It comes with:

  • Toppers – To decorate and label your dishes and cupcakes.
  • Banners – To decorate your party space and your tables.
  • Bingo Game – To entertain your guests!
  • Invitations – To invite your guests in style.

Just download, print and cut out! That’s all you got to do to make an amazing girl baby shower.

Pink And Brown Baby Shower

Also, watch the two videos below! In the first one, I teach you how to edit the invitation for this theme and in the second one, I go over the best way to make a beautiful diaper cake!

Pink And Brown Invitation Tutorial

If you’ve ever been to this site then you know I always provide a video guide when it comes to editing our printable invites. I urge you to watch the tutorial below so that you can get your invites out without a problem:

Download The Pink & Brown Theme Here!

Now that we got the invites out of the way, lets focus on other aspects of your girl baby shower! You are going to love these tips and ideas.

Decorating Made Easy  Use our printable banners in the entrance area over your guest table and also, tape some banners over your main table where your centerpiece is located.

Ideally you want to fill your house with helium balloons and streamers crisscrossing each other to create the desired atmosphere.

Second we should get started on all the tables that you will be using at your baby shower. This includes your guest table and your main table which will have your food and your diaper cake centerpiece.

Getting Inventive With Table Decor!

There are many different things you can do with your table. You can use a pink tablecloth and decorate it with characters made of brown felt. Or vice-versa, use a brown tablecloth and decorate it with pink designs created from felt.

Don’t forget that you’ll have your food and your diaper cake centerpiece on your main table so you don’t have to overdo it.

It would also help if you could get pink & brown plastic tableware, cups and plates. You might be able to find them for cheap at your local store or you can always find them online.

Creating a Diaper Cake

The diaper cake is the King, or should I say the Queen, of baby shower centerpieces!

The easiest kind of diaper cake to make by far is the three tier diaper roll cake. Below you will find an easy-to-follow diaper cake instructional video and a materials list to construct your very own pink and brown diaper cake.

You’ll need:

  • assorted rubber bands
  • sixty three diapers
  • scissors
  • paper towel tube
  • glue gun
  • 1 1/2 inch brown satin ribbon and pink wire-edged ribbon
  • pink and brown baby items for decoration (e.g. teddy bears, bibs etc…)

The First tier base consists of: ring 1 – 6 diapers, ring 2 – 12 diapers, ring 3 – 18 diapers.

The Second tier middle part consists of: ring 1 – 6 diapers, ring 2 – 12 diapers.

The Third tier or the top part consists of: ring – 6 diapers.

Here are some more diaper cake decoration tips for your pink and brown color scheme. You will first wrap the brown satin ribbon and attach it with a glue gun for each tier then you will wrap the pink wire-edged ribbon over the brown one. You will then, tie off the wire-edged pink ribbons into little bows and “puff” them out.

For each tier, you will insert two small baby items under the pink wire-edged bows. For example, you can insert a pink baby spoon and a brown baby spoon within the wire-edged pink ribbon bow.

At the top of your diaper cake you can add a cute little plush doll, like a pink or brown monkey or rabbit.

Food Ideas That Rock!

This is the fun and delicious part! Here are some great food ideas:

  • Cotton candy and brownies served side-by-side.
  • Beef bits with pickled beet slices held together with toothpicks served as hors d’oeuvres.
  • Cupcakes with pink-strawberry frosting on one side and chocolate frosting on the other
  • Cupcakes with pink-strawberry frosting and chocolate filling.
  • Chocolate covered strawberries.

Pink & brown favors  you might want to make your own baby shower favors. The cutest and most affordable way that I can think of are cellophane bags.

  • Get cellophane bags from your local arts and crafts store.
  • While you’re there purchase some brown and pink decorating ribbons to tie off your bags with.
  • Then you can go to your local candy store or you can go to your local dollar store and buy pink and brown goods.

Likewise, if your cellophane favor bags are filled with pink taffy and chocolate then don’t add non-edible items. Your guests might be put off by this and it’s also a health hazard. So please don’t mix.

Did I leave anything out?

Pink and brown baby shower rocks!There you have it! An exact tutorial on how to create a pink and brown baby shower. I believe everything was covered in the content above including printable invitations, decorations, diaper cakes and everything else.

You have several options in front of you. You can create a stylish and cute girl shower using the advice and prints provided to you.

I’d like to hear from you. If you found these prints useful or if you’d like to share your opinions about this baby shower theme then please leave your thoughts in the comment section below. Thank you very much and have an amazing day.

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  1. Elaine says

    I have been working as a freelance graphic designer for many years. And in the design of countless projects for both print ads as well as web sites, I have studied, been inspired by and have conjured up quite a few color schemes.

    But I have never tried using a combination of pink and brown. The closest combination of shades I have used are pink and black, but that along with orange and black schemes have strong contrast and may not be suitable for babies.

  2. Billy says

    I just love that baby monkey she is so cute. I think that a pink and brown baby shower is very classy looking! And anything that goes with the nursery that is pink and brown can also be used as the child gets older. because the colors together can work for so many things.

  3. Miki says

    You make a good point Elaine but believe it or not, Pink and brown baby showers are all the rage these days.

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