Pretty Princess Baby Shower Guide

A princess baby shower showcases pastel color, tasteful decor, and other royalty-inspired designs.

This theme can focus on enchanting Disney princesses, or highlight princess symbols such as crowns, glass slippers, and ball gowns.

Planning for this type of baby shower is a breeze with these excellent tips and suggestions.

Step 1: Ideas and Decorations

Make way for the little princess! Lay down a silk red or pink carpet from the door to the party area. You may choose a carpet color that matches the motif of the shower.

Ideas and Decorations

Then, sprinkle plenty of red and pink rose petals all over the carpet. Tie pink and white balloons around chairs, and put some more balloons on several other sections in the room.

If you have princess dolls, you may also arrange these in the living room. You can also hang silk scarves on the ceiling for a lovely ambiance.

Lastly, decorate the table with glimmer stones and faux jewels that will add brilliance to the party place.

Step 2: Creating Invitations

Historically, royal families send their messengers to read announcements written on scrolls. Invite your guests to your princess baby shower with a scroll invitation. For a simple, yet elegant invitation, you may use a clip art that features an unrolled scroll.

Type the text over the image, and choose the proper wording for your invitation. Afterwards, decorate the invitation by adding glitters on the edges of the scroll, and glue some dowels on the top and bottom portion of the paper.

Creating InvitationsRoll the dowels and secure the invitation with a nice ribbon tied neatly around the center.

Another great idea is an edible type of invitation. You may consider making a princess wand made from a star-shaped cookie. Insert a dowel into the bottom portion of the star, and cover it with cellophane.

Tie a pink or silver ribbon to secure the cellophane. Then, use a card to write the details of the baby shower, and attach the card to the wand.

Step 3: Preparing The Favors

Make fairy princess favor bottles, which you can find at several party stores. Stuff the tubes or tiny bottles with pink and white bath salts or candy. Wrap white and pink ribbon around the bottle. You may also coat the bottle with pink and white glitter for a sparkly effect.

Everyone loves doll dresses, so make sure you include this as an option for your party 
Preparing The Favorsfavor. You can purchase tiny princess-style doll gowns at any toy shop. Then, mix one part water with one part white glue.

Dip the doll dress in the solution and coat it thoroughly. Place the gown around a vase of the same height as the doll dress.

Fluff out the dress, and allow it to dry completely. You may place lollipops or tiny flowers in each dried dress vase.

Step 4: Planning The Games

Games add life to any party, so plan exciting baby shower games such as “Guess the Baby Items on the Tray“. Fill a tray with the typical baby items, as well as princess symbols such as tiaras, doll dresses, and jewels.

Pass the tray from one guest to the next for about 20 seconds. After each guest had a chance to look at the items, ask them to write down the number of things on the tray. The guest who came up with the correct answer wins a prize.

A trivia game with princess theme is another superb idea for a baby shower game. Think of princess trivia questions that you may ask your guests. There are various online resources where you can find interesting questions about Disney princesses.

pin the crownMake your own variation of the popular gamePin the Donkey’s Tail“.

Get a huge poster of Cinderella, and print an image of a glass slipper. Blindfold the guests, and ask them to pin the slipper on Cinderella’s foot. Or you could play pin the crown on Ariel as well.

You may also play the game, “Princess Name“. Your guests should list a bunch of princess-inspired names that are perfect for the baby. The one who has come up with the best name wins a special prize.

Lastly, you may create some entertainment by inviting and asking the dad-to-be to dress up in a Prince Charming costume. He can perform a short skit, and sing love songs for the mom-to-be.

Step 5: Diaper cake and Centerpieces

Diaper cakes turn boring diapers into a masterpiece. You can make a lovely diaper cake that fits the overall theme of the shower. For a princess-themed party, you may decorate the cake with pink satin, rhinestones, flowers, and other relevant items. Among the different diaper cake styles include rolled, square, carriage, cupcake, and spiral designs.

A lovely diaper cake can serve as a grand centerpiece for the party. Make sure you cover the table with pink satin cloth before you place the diaper cake. Then, sprinkle a few jewels and tiaras around the cake for a charming appeal.

Step 6: Princess Invitation Wording Examples

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Step 7: Food & Other Goodies…

Decorate a food platter perfect for a princess by embellishing the edges with rose or orchids. Place the salad, punch, and other food items in a crystal bowl. Do not forget to adorn the food table with princess symbols such as tiaras, jewels and rose petals.

Food & Other GoodiesBake pink and white cupcakes, and arrange these in a cake holder that resembles a tiara. You may also add a princess figurine or glass slipper on top of the cake holder for that exquisite look.

Other fabulous food items for the party include strawberry cakes, brownies, crackers with strawberry jams, and pink lemonade, to name a few.

There you have it Cinderella!

With these brilliant ideas and tips, your baby shower will surely turn out to be a huge success.

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