Rock Star Baby Shower Theme Tutorial

Rock and roll moms and papas! Let get your rock star baby shower in full gear with this totally awesome how-to guide.

As many of you already may know there are hundreds of baby shower themes to choose from. You got your Winnie the Pooh baby shower theme, your princess shower theme, your pretty in pink theme and the list goes on.

Rock Star Color Scheme

You got to start with your color scheme. Every baby shower has to start there and it needs to have three colors in it. Luckily, you have a wide and diverse selection of color schemes to work with in this theme.

You can go with a Cindy Lauper color pattern like hot pink, white and black or you can go for a British rock theme and decorate your house with the union jack flag and it’s colors of blue, red and white.

Lets not forget about KISS and their color scheme of white, black and a splash of red. The idea here is to choose a rock era or your favorite band and stick to that specific color scheme when working out the rest of your baby shower.

Rock Star Baby Shower Decorations

We have many rock star decoration ideas to work with that are easy to do and light on the wallet. You can use one or all of them, just make sure you stay consistent with your rock theme.

  • Rock band posters that you can get for cheap at music stores or big retail stores like Target. Don’t uniformly stick them on your wall, try to put them up at different angles for that “I don’t care” rock feel. Use posters of one band or artist or various bands and artists, its up to you.
  • Use streamers and balloons with your color scheme. Again, don’t uniformly put them up. Let some of the streamers just hang there.
  • If you or a close friend have actual instruments like guitars, drums, bass guitars then you can decorate your house with them. Just make sure its far from the food area. Normally, I wouldn’t recommend this but since most baby showers are alcohol-free the instruments should be fine from most ‘party’ related accidents.
  • Back ground rock music. This is a MUST! Get your radio out and start playing your KISS CDs, Red Hot Chili Peppers CDs, Beatles CDs, Rolling Stones CDs etc…. on repeat. Better yet, have a rock concert DVD play in the background. Whatever you do, make sure the volume allows for conversation and general mingling at your baby shower.
  • Dress up in long hair rock wigs and make up. Why not have the expecting couple dress up like KISS? The baby shower host can dress up too or you can make it an all out rock and roll costume baby shower party.
  • Put rock candy and pop rocks candy in cute little cellophane bags and give them to your guests as party favors.

Rock Star Diaper Cake

Every baby shower needs a table centerpiece and diaper cakes are the best kind! You got two choices the way I see it, you can make a 3 tier diaper cake or a motorcycle diaper cake.

The beauty of a 3 tier diaper cake is that after you build it you can decorate it anyway you want to fit your theme.

If you are following the KISS theme then why not wrap the first and last tier of the diaper cake with black saran wrap and top it off with a medium size white teddy bear with it’s face colored in black marker (just like a KISS band member). Follow the instructional video on how to make a three tier diaper cake:

Rock Star Baby Shower Invitation Ideas

rock star decor ideas

Remember that you got to send out your baby shower invitations at least one month in advance. A really cool way to do it is to send them out in metallic envelops with guitar stickers as seals. You can also fill your invitations up with rhinestone stars for an extra added surprise.

Or you can use Fiverr to create a baby shower rock themed video to send out to your guests all for just five dollars.

Rock Star Games

What is a baby shower without two or three baby shower games to get people moving and having a good time? This isn’t a situation of invention but rather of re-invention. What I mean is, we can take well established games and give them a rock and roll twist to them. Here are some examples:

  • Play musical chairs but with rock music.
  • Play baby shower trivia but with rock music trivia questions.
  • Sing out rock song verses with the word ‘baby’ in it, the guest that can guess the most correct songs wins.
  • ‘KISS’ the baby – have your guests color little baby dolls with makers to create the KISS face paint. The expecting mother can be the judge. The guest with the best KISS baby wins.
  • Play guitar hero in teams. The team with the highest score wins.

Baby Showers And Rock Music!

What else can I say but rock on! The ideas in this post will make your rock star baby shower a hit with the expecting couple and the guests. This is not your traditional baby shower, that’s for sure.

But like I always say, let this post be a jumping off point for your own creative ideas. The ideas in this post are just some out of millions of other cool rock roll decoration motifs that I am sure you can come up with all by yourself.

If you would like to add your own rock and roll theme ideas please leave them in the comments section below. We always love to hear from you. Stay cool.

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  1. Carrie says

    Great ideas! We are going to play a game matching the rock star to the names of his or her children! Should be fun!

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