Rubber ducky baby shower made easy!

The rubber ducky baby shower is one of those classic and iconic themes that we all know and love.

I mean seriously, we always relate babies with rubber duckies. It’s easy to see why this theme has been a mainstay for baby showers.

In this post you will get all the information you need to make the best baby shower possible using this beautiful and classic motif.

We are going to give you the rundown on decorations, color patterns, diaper cake tutorials, invitation ideas, supplies and everything else you need to create the rubber ducky atmosphere.

SIDE NOTE: This theme is particularly good if you’re planning to have a gender reveal party because of it’s neutral colors.

The Cutest Yellow & Blue Decorations

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Okay, let’s begin with the actual baby shower room. You can get several if not all of the decorative items you need from your local arts and crafts store or from any major big-box retail shop in your neighborhood. And if for some reason you can’t find these items at these places then I’m sure you can find them for cheap online.

For your color scheme you are going to need blue, orange and yellow. These colors will set the pace for all of your decorations. You will need to get blue streamers and yellow streamers. You will need to attach them to your ceiling so that they crisscross throughout the party room.

You also need to purchase orange helium balloons. Make sure to release them shortly before the actual baby shower because you don’t want your rubber ducky baby shower to be littered with airless balloons.

You are going to need two banners. One banner over your guest table and the other banner over your main table where your centerpiece and food will be.

Your guest table will be the first thing everyone sees as they enter the baby shower space. You can get banners made at Wal-Mart and other big box retail stores. The banners should be consistent with your color scheme. They both can be blue and yellow or one can be blue and the other can be yellow. Its up to you.

Make sure you talk to the store’s staff about all of the available options you have and the types of banners they can create for you.

The banner over the guest table should read something exciting and theme related. A good example would be “welcome to Bill & Judy’s rubber ducky extravaganza!

The other banner over the main table should read something funny, clever and theme related. Here’s a good example “splish splash we be taking a bath!

Your tables will also need a decorative touch. You can drape both tables with a blue tablecloth and you can cut out some yellow felt duckies and attach them to the top of the tablecloth. You don’t have to over do it because both tables will have plenty of items on top of them like gifts, food and diaper cakes.

It would also be nice if you could get matching tableware. You don’t need anything fancy, just plastic tableware that goes along with your colors.

Cool Favor Ideas

One of my all-time favorite baby shower favor ideas are cellophane bags filled with theme related candy. It’s easy to do and it’s always a party favorite.

There are two ways you can go about this. You can fill the cellophane bags with yellow and blue candy. Or you can fill it with items your guests can use around the house like mini blue bars of soap or tiny yellow vanilla scented candles.

You can get all the supplies you need at your local dollar store, just let your imagination be your guide.

You can also get your cellophane bags at any crafts store. Don’t forget to get blue and yellow decorating ribbons to tie the cellophane bags with.

One of my favorite rubber ducky favor ideas is to fill each cellophane bag with marshmallow peeps and small viles filled with Blue Hawaii Drink (alcohol drink). It takes a little extra work but it’s easy.

Baby shower food & drink ideas

I know they’re not exactly ‘ducks’ but the classic marshmallow yellow peeps can easily substitute. Here are some more wonderful food ideas that you can easily implement into this event:

  • Blue Hawaiian punch (alcohol drink)
  • Cupcakes with blue frosting and yellow filling
  • Smoked duck appetizers
  • Peeps
  • Blue cotton candy
  • Brownies with blue frosting & yellow M&Ms or yellow sprinkles on top

I’m sure you can think of many more food items that can easily play into this motif.

Ultra Fun Games

You all know the classic bobbing for apples game, right? Well it’s time to give it a make over! I’m sure you know where I’m going with this. Simply get a big vat filled with water and rubber duckies. Have your guests put their hands behind their backs and have them move as many rubber duckies (with their mouths) from the vat to the baby bath. The guest that moves the most rubber duckies wins!

If you are planning to have a gender reveal party then rubber duckies can be a great way to reveal your child’s gender. You can easily find them at your local dollar store or Target.

Fill a small baby bath with water and put as many rubber duckies as you want into it. Have a trusted friend who knows the child’s gender to mark the bottom of one of the duckies with either pink or blue maker. Make sure the marker you use will not wash away with water.

Towards the end of the baby shower have each guest take one ducky. At the same time, have all your guests turn the duck over to it’s bottom. The guest with the marked duck will yell out the gender of the child and win a prize.

Another unique baby shower game is musical chairs. Play musical chairs as you normally would, the only difference is you’ll be playing Bobby Darin’s “Splish Splash.” Last guest left sitting is your winner!

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Quack Quack centerpieces and diaper cakes

One of the things I love about this theme is the easy-to-create centerpiece. All you have to do is get a cute little baby bath then fill it with water and put as many duckies as you want. Place it in the center of the table and you’re done.

On the other hand, a three-tiered diaper cake would also be a stunning centerpiece. Here’s a short video, materials list and some decorating tips to help you make one:

You’ll need:

  • assorted rubber bands
  • sixty three diapers
  • scissors
  • paper towel tube
  • glue gun
  • 1 1/2 inch baby blue satin ribbon and yellow or orange wire-edged ribbon

The First tier base consists of: ring 1 – 6 diapers, ring 2 – 12 diapers, ring 3 – 18 diapers.

The Second tier middle part consists of: ring 1 – 6 diapers, ring 2 – 12 diapers.

The Third tier or the top part consists of: ring – 6 diapers.

Wrap each tier with the wide blue satin ribbon And attach the ends with your glue gun. You will then wrap over the blue ribbon with the yellow wire edged ribbon and tie the ends into cute little bows. Place a large rubber duck at the very top of the diaper cake. You are all done!

Baby shower Invitations

A great fun and easy way to make good-looking rub-a-dub-dub invitations is by using a little technology and creativity. You’ll need to get and use:

  • Light blue 8 ½ by 11 card stock paper
  • Rubber ducky stickers
  • Your word processor software
  • Your printer
  • Local copy service

On your word processor software you’re going to want to use a cute font such as ‘bold comic sans’ to type out your invitation information. Make sure to include all of the details and RSVP information. You will print this information on a plain sheet of paper.

Decorate your invitations with ducky stickers for each card. Make sure to send out your invitations one month to three weeks in advance.

Any more rub-a-dub-dub ideas?

With all of these cool tips and theme recommendations you will haveRubber ducky theme no problems creating your rubber ducky baby shower event. You have several free and affordable decoration motif ideas and supply options.

You also have the knowledge on how to create beautiful ducky favors and how to incorporate your favorite games into this theme. Not to mention, you have a definitive guide on how to make a diaper cake and invitations with the article above.

If you’ve notice, the color blue dominates the color yellow in all of the ideas above. Why you ask? This is because blue represents the bath tub in which the cute yellow ducks are floating on.

I welcome you all to add any input or information that you think can help our readers create this lovely theme.

Please feel free to leave your ideas and opinions in the comments section below. Thank you very much and have a wonderful day, quack quack :-)

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