Starting a diaper cake business

In this post we are going to learn how to start a diaper cake business. Like any other niche business there are three important components that you need in order to be successful. NOTE: If at any part of this post you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

  • A product or service that is either needed or desired by a particular target audience.
  • A platform or media outlet to inform and advertise your niche target audience about your product or service.
  • A demand for your particular product or service.

When I was structuring this article I was planning to start talking about the actual diaper cake product. I realized that this isn’t the way to go, we should begin this article talking about our target audience.

Our target audience consists of expecting mothers, family members and baby shower hosts. They all have one thing in common, they want to create the best baby shower experience possible! If you’re looking to get into the diaper cake business then you will have to provide real value and help these people out.

Diaper cakes serve many purposes. First, they are beautiful and decorative baby shower centerpieces that command the attention and admiration of all the people attending a baby shower. Second, they are useful resources that the expecting parents can surely use and appreciate to get.

Essentials – Materials, Workstation & Website

It is crucial that you provide top quality product value and exceptional after service support. It is also important to gauge the amount of time the order is received to the time the product is created and delivered.

In order to do this you’re going to need a eCommerce website with a reliable shopping cart system. You also need a workstation at home with all the materials needed to create the diaper cakes on hand. Your workstation should have segmented sections were different components of the diaper cakes are added.

One section of your workstation could be designated as the place where the diapers are rolled. The following section could be a diaper assembly area, followed by the decoration area and finally the packaging area. This means you should streamline the whole process so it runs smoothly and efficiently.

You also need to make the whole process cost efficient. At first, it’s wise to start small and get large packs of brand less generic diapers at your local supermarket.

Once the orders start coming in on a regular basis you should get a general business license. Once you get that, you will be eligible to get a State Reseller Tax Exempt Number. This will enable you to buy everything you need for your diaper cake business without paying for sales tax, as you can imagine this will save you lots of money!

Once you get these two important items you should arrange a meeting with a retail store manager at your local supermarket or big-name shop. Discuss your situation with the manager and arrange to buy all of your supplies from his or her shop (baby bottles, diapers, ribbons, baby spoons etc..). You should also find out what deals and savings you can get from bulk orders.

Once you get your foundation set up then we must focus our attention on bringing in customers.

Advertise Your Business Around Town

Think like your target audience, where do pregnant women spend time and hang out?

You might want to check-out maternity clothing stores, the maternity ward at your local hospital, Lamaze classes, party stores and anywhere else you think they might socialize.  Print up flyers and post them around your neighborhood on bulletin boards and anywhere else you can.

Make sure your flyers have a clear ‘call to action’ with product and service details. Don’t forget to leave your contact information including phone number, address and website. Here’s a good example:how to start a diaper cake business

Ask business owners around your town if they would mind keeping some of your flyers in their shops. You’ll be surprised how helpful and kind people can be if you approach them with respect  and sincerity. You might also try to find ways on how you can help each other out.

In case of a restaurant, the restaurant owner might agree to promote your diaper cake services if you in turn agreed to promote his restaurant as a possible venue for your client’s baby shower.

Side Note: Diaper cake business cards are also good to keep handy when introducing yourself to other business owners and customers.

You might want to start thinking about some cool and exciting diaper cake business names for your flyers and business cards. Here are some really cute ones that I found online. Remember that you’re going to want your business name to be cute, intriguing and filled with pizzazz:

  • “Debbie’s Diaper Cakes”
  • “Three Tier Beauties”
  • “Heavenly Diaper Centerpieces”
  • “Your Little Diaper Cake”
  • “Gifts In Diapers”
  • “New Beginnings Diaper Cakes”

Again, these are just ideas to help you start thinking about your own unique and adorable business name. Whatever name you choose will be the starting point of your reputation. You have to build confidence and value around yourself, your service and the products you produce.

Always over-deliver and always do what you say when representing your brand and business.

Beyond Your D.C. Business

The ideas I provided above are a great way to get known and to start your business locally but what if there isn’t much demand in your town or neighborhood for this kind of service? If that’s your situation or if you’re looking to expand your diaper cake business then you might want to reach your target audience via the World Wide Web.

There is a lot more to it than just building a pretty website. You have to bring people to your website. Not only that, the people you bring to your website have to be interested in what you have to offer. And on top of all of that, you have to build a sense of trust and relationship with your target audience online.

You might be thinking that this is a tall order. You might be asking yourself, how would I bring people to my website that are interested in diaper cakes and how in the world am I going to instill trust via the web.

The good news is there are literally millions of people looking for what you have to offer online, right now! All you have to do is tap into that.


Niche Marketing With Internet Marketing

The diaper cake business is a niche market. It’s not a broad-based market like baby showers which includes invitations, favors, decorations and so on. Instead you are  focusing on one aspect of a baby shower; diaper cakes. That makes it a niche market.

Millions of people search online everyday using keywords. Ask yourself, what do you do when you have a question or concern? You Google it! And what does that entail, a keyword phrase that you put into the search bar and hit search. After that, you look on the first page of Google for the best possible answers to your questions. Believe it or not, people ask the same exact questions over and over again each and every day looking for diaper cakes that you can provide.

owl diaper cakeWhat I have learned to do is to not only build websites but to write posts and articles that answer questions people are looking for online. This helps me build a relationship with my target audience because I help them with their problems. In turn, they see me as a reputable and reliable source. This is called SEO and Internet marketing.

So for example, I learned through my keyword research methods that 2,000 different people search for the phrase “zebra theme diaper cakes” a month. I know very well that I can help people build a zebra theme diaper cake and I also know, I could sell them a zebra theme diaper cake If they saw one for sale on my site.

Once I confirm that I can indeed reach the top of Google with my article for that specific keyword then I get to work providing the content.

Remember, I want my “zebra theme diaper cakes” article to be within the top three positions on the first page of Google. This will bring in my target audience which will lead to sales and repeat business.

Social Media And Your D.C. Business

Another way to build a relationship with your target audience is to use the power of social media, namely Facebook and Twitter. By opening up a Facebook page dedicated to your diaper cake business you can routinely check up on what your prospective customers are talking about. This allows you to help them and provide real value.

Once the people on your Facebook page realize that you are providing a real service and solid value than they will naturally share your Facebook page with their friends and family online. This of course leads to a bigger fan base and recurring purchases.

Leverage Your Time, Money & Energy Wisely

The beauty about owning your own piece of Internet property is that, you don’t have to sell your own diaper cakes. If you want, you can sell other people’s diaper cakes. If you like this post then share it with your friends via twitter and Facebook. NOTE: If you have any questions about this business model, feel free to contact me.

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  1. aminah says

    Hello I am trying to get my business out to more people but it’s not really working. I can’t seem to be allowed to put up my flyers at children’s stores, around my neighborhood or even the library. I also attended a Women’s Expo and handed out several business cards. What do I need to do next? What am I doing wrong?sad Also I was wondering what would be a good and legit wholesale company to get my products from?

  2. says

    Hi Aminah

    I’m sorry to hear that you are having problems with your business. To be honest, I’m no longer in the diaper cake business myself because they are easy to make and there are a ton of youtube videos out there to help teach people how to make diaper cakes.

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